Week 14 – Gratitude

With the recent focus on creating a deck of gratitude cards it’s easy to turn my attention to gratitude for this Master Key Experience.  From the jump, my PPNs have been Spiritual Growth and Helping Others.  I challenged myself intensely on these choices as I’ve always had a strong success-in-business orientation.  But at this stage of life and career, with three grown children, ownership in a successful business partnership, and a long-term pursuit of life’s biggest questions, Spiritual Growth is my deepest, most passionate interest.

I cannot express how grateful I am for the most honest and direct challenge to the person and nature of Infinite Intelligence, the creator of the universe, I have ever experienced.  I have spent years studying and pondering the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent first cause of all we see, all we know, all we are.  What intelligence, energy, power had the original thought to bring this all into existence?  What part, or divine spark, did we each inherit?  Are we the image of our creator?  How do we participate in the creator?  How do we communicate?

Every step has widened my knowledge and perspective.  I am grateful for how the harmony and affirmation of what I’m learning here meshes with my knowledge and study of scripture.  In my observation two things are deeply compelling and indisputable; the scriptures we have are the most impactful writings on planet earth, and Jesus is the most impactful person in human history.  The wisdom of the ages captured and revealed in both.  My purpose is to pursue, know, understand, and live what is taught to us by scripture, by nature itself, and those who have gone before us.

Thank you MKE!


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