Week 15 – Insight; The Human Telescope

This feels like the point in the course where the dots get connected.  We get to fly up to a vantage point where a telescope will come in handy to survey the entire landscape that has formed over the past 14 weeks of study, practice, learning, firing and wiring new neural pathways, trying on new ideas, breathing fresh air, and expanding possibilities.  Some of the ideas presented have been common-sense, not entirely new; others have been iconoclastic, cataclysmic, earth-shaking, mind-bending, WOWs!  It’s from this menu we get to connect the dots.

Yin and yang, light and dark, negative and positive, vitality and no-vitality face off in this Lesson 15.  Haanel points out that Principles, which are are essentially rules or laws, are inherently positive or affirmative of the things to which they apply.   He applies this trait to the Principle of thought, and that positive thoughts are the exclusive domain of vitality or life.  Negative thoughts, by their very nature, cannot contain vitality.

In part 26 he extrapolates the idea that if given the chance to take root, positive thoughts will crowd out negative thoughts.  Connect part 26 to the thread of “Insights” in parts 31-35.  Insight is 31) a kind of human telescope, which 32) enables us to prepare for and overcome obstacles, to 33) plan ahead and direct our thoughts down a right path to 34) explore and possess ANY mental field.

35) Insight is a product of our inner world, accessed via concentration.

Finally, part 36 suggests that the reader identify his or her own particular problem or challenge.  It reminds us that knowledge does not apply itself.  Sit with the collection of knowledge accumulated through the previous 14 Lessons.  Contemplate and assimilate all the insights that have come from these meditations.  Fly up high enough to see the whole landscape.  Consider what problems or challenges you have to face in order to manifest your DMP.  A determined CONSCIOUS effort must be applied to the knowledge you now possess in order to formulate a program to solve what stands between today’s reality and the picture painted by your DMP.  The Insight includes the fact that your conscious mind can now easily work with your subconscious mind, with the resources of God’s entire universe, to bring this picture into physical reality.

These are some BIG dots to connect!  Gotta make sure I’m looking through the right end of the telescope.



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