Week 16 – Kindness

I admire and appreciate kindness.  I love it when it comes my way.  I am not unaware of it when it is shown to me.  I even reciprocate very readily.  However, this week has shown me that I have not developed the habit over time of naturally being the initiator of kindness.  I believe that I am GENERALLY a kind person, but I don’t proactively think about how I’m going to manifest kindness today.  I’m not a “random acts of kindness” natural.  And even if I am a GENERALLY a kind person, it doesn’t mean I won’t break bad if someone initiates unkindness toward me.

This is a slippery slope.  We know that negative thoughts, by their very nature, contain no vitality or life; just the opposite.  In order to create, to grow life, to add vitality, we must displace negative thought with positive.  It’s that simple.

Here’s an example of how powerful positivity can be in even the smallest things.  Thirty years ago I was running up Terwilliger Boulevard in Portland when I met two middle-age women walking toward me.  One of them gave me a spontaneous, warm, beautiful, genuine smile. It was brief, probably a second, no more than two.  I had never seen her before and have never seen her since, but her gift of a simple smile that day lives on in my memory all these years later.  Of course she has no idea of that.  It was, and is, just a small thing.  But it is enormously powerful.

Image result for genuine smiles


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