Week 17 – Radical Generosity

We have to be reminded over and over again about the power and impact of mastermind, prayer, or whatever form of harmonious thought.  I could kick myself for having to relearn these fundamental truths so many times.  Especially with my experience and years on the planet.  I have experienced the results of practicing kindness, I know that focusing positive is the only way to live, that treating others well, operating with right motivations, going for wealth v. riches, serving v. position, power v. symbols, is where the true joy in life reside.

Embracing the process and lessons in the MKE has led me to vistas and insights that I would have achieved no other way.  I am grateful.

I’ve discovered deep truths and principles from scriptural teachings that I never before realized.  For example, how the protection and feeding of widows orphans, immigrants, and vulnerable are woven into Old Testament laws, that tithing and giving was deeply, culturally ingrained in the society.  Then, with Jesus’ arrival, tithing was abandoned in favor of radical generosity! Not the legally mandated tenth!  Caring for the vulnerable of our fellow humans is our highest obligation.

MKE has shined a light on the idea that giving generously, pursuing honor and harmony and true character is our ultimate purpose.  Being generous, with the ulterior motive that I will be enriched or materially rewarded because of generosity, is folly.  That joy and reward is in simply BEING a kind, caring, generous, abundant, loving human being.  I am LOVING doing kindness and generosity and promoting it at every turn.  I feel a fresh wind of life and spirit blowing through my space.

I’ve learned that my beliefs can and should be challenged, that if they are built on truth and fact they will stand.  If not they SHOULD be dismantled.  If I’m afraid to look at my beliefs and why I hold them, there’s a something amiss.  If beliefs are built on bedrock they will withstand any challenge, they will be supported by conviction, and followed by faith and action.  There is nothing to fear.

Yes, I have learned these things before and again and once more.  I am committed to remaining focused, to keep fueling the burning desire, to keep experiencing the rewards that continue coming from week after week of practicing and building MKE principles.

Thank you for all you’re doing to bring these ideas to life and for challenging me out of my reverie!  Thank you, thank you.


3 thoughts on “Week 17 – Radical Generosity

  1. Awesome point – your faith and beliefs built on a firm foundation will stand the tests placed n them. I love this point (paraphrasing what you said). It is very powerful. Thank you for sharing.


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