Week 19 – The Power

What is this mysterious vital force we call power?  Haanel poses, in Part Nineteen, this simple but fundamental question.

What, really, is energy?  We don’t really know what are power and energy, any more than we know what is electricity or light.  But we know how to use power and  energy.  Our very existence hangs in the balance.

Energy is in constant motion.  The interplay of physical and mental, visible and invisible, becomes fascinating at the point where energy is transferred.  Paragraph 15 notes that “man cannot think without eating.”  This is where the material and spiritual worlds intersect.  Material transforms into spiritual.  This activity is constant, non-stop, and eternal, yet we so take it for granted as to never give it a second thought.

Transforming food into energy is almost observable.  However, this could not happen without the intermedation of blood and oxygen.  Oxygenated blood is the result of breathing.  Our fragile yet constant, lifelong vital connection to earth and all of its gifts, is our breath.  From the moment of birth to our final gasp, we are breathing, breathing, breathing.  Stop the breath and life is over.

What is breath?  In English it is mammalian respiration; a very finite meaning.  In Hebrew, however, the word for breath is “ruakh”, which has a breadth of meaning.  Ruakh translates as breath, wind, spirit; the emanation of life-force.  This is truly energy and power.  We can’t see it, but we can certainly feel it and observe its effects.

I was present at the births of my three children;  the first to see and touch them.  I saw them each take their first breath.  Into their tiny flesh and blood bodies flowed the breath of life.  It is the same breath, or ruakh, that animates me and every breathing creature that lives and moves on planet Earth.

Similarly, the wind that moves trees and clouds is the same energy that keeps me alive.    I can’t see the wind, I can’t see my breath, but they’re connected with the invisible  energy and power that animates things and makes them move.  This invisible presence and power is the very essence of Infinite Mind, our eternal divine creator.

Then the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.   — Genesis 2:7



3 thoughts on “Week 19 – The Power

  1. Hi Steve. I enjoyed this post. You mentioned that in Hebrew, the word for breath is “ruakh” or ” breath, wind, spirit; the emanation of life-force.” Just before finsihing with your Genesis quote, yousay “this invisible presence and power is the very essence of Infinite Mind.” Do you also know that another translation of “ruakh” is mind?

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