Week 20 – The River of Life

Life is a river, not a lake.  I like this analogy and have used it for years.  This particular river has never been mapped.  It’s a Lewis & Clark Expedition.  And while we don’t know exactly what’s around the bend, if we are mindfully and intentionally truly engaged with Infinite Intelligence, then we are creating what’s ahead we can draw the map we want (so long as it is in harmony with the whole).  We can on-board provisions, reinforce our craft and anticipate the inevitable white water, sand bars, cross currents, back-drafts, and other perils.

As we look back over the River of Life that we have navigated so far, we know that it sometimes rages, it is sometimes calm.  If our experience on the River of Life so far is simply drifting along, taking it as it comes, then we may have cause to be fearful of the rocks ahead.  On the other hand, at a minimum, we can claim some life experience and at least better understand how to navigate.  We have hopefully gained the knowledge that the danger of this set of rapids will pass.  It may not completely eliminate fear but it should provide the confidence gained from experience and the development of skills.

The River of Life will keep on flowing all the way to the ocean. The good news is that I  have dealt with everything that the River of Life has brought me so far. I must have dealt with it successfully because I am still here to navigate another day.  Whether today’s navigation is through raging, dangerous waters, or it’s a sunny day in beautiful, calm waters, this too shall pass.  And I will make it through without sinking or crashing. I have always done so, and I will continue.  This too shall pass.


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